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  Cosmetic acupuncture can erase 5 to 15 years from the face! Beauty is more than skin deep. Cosmetic acupuncture looks at the entire body, emotions, diet and lifestyle to correct imbalances that may cause the face to produce more lines & wrinkles, skin to sag or change the texture of the skin. By evaluating the patient, making a correct diagnosis and executing an individualized, sound treatment program, acupuncture can soften lines & wrinkles while gently lifting the face & neck and giving a brightness or glow to the skin. Very fine needles designed specifically for the delicate facial areas are inserted along with points on other areas of the body to create a whole person treatment to achieve goals.

Addressing Diet and Lifestyle

Diet is discussed in detail and necessary changes are recommended that will complement the cosmetic treatments. Supplements and medications are reviewed as well. We also look at lifestyle, and particularly sleep, as proper rest is crucial for the best possible outcome. Hydration plays an important role in the overall appearance of the skin and facial muscles. The imbalances in diet and lifestyle can hugely impact the way the face looks and feels. As we age, the body produces less collagen and elastin. By placing needles in specific areas of the face and body, signals are sent to the brain to produce more of these substances which gives the face a more youthful appearance and better skin tone. Elasticity can also improve which gives a less sagging look to the face. Additionally, acupuncture improves blood circulation, tonifies energy, moves fluids, brightens the eyes and re-educates muscles back to their original placement producing a more youthful appearance. Most patients report that cosmetic acupuncture is relaxing and relatively painless.  This safe option is also cost effective especially when compared to other modalities.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Many people are looking for alternatives to injectables such as Botox and fillers.  Others are looking to maintain the effects of cosmetic surgery, laser, peels or other modalities or want to prevent the immediate need for more invasive procedures. Cosmetic acupuncture can help to prolong the interval at which repeat injectables are needed, making the effects last longer.  Some want to delay plastic surgery; acupuncture can “buy time” until the moment is right for facial reconstruction. Microneedling is also offered either separately or as a part of cosmetic acupuncture.  This is done using a professional grade pen to penetrate deeply into the dermis layer of the skin in order to stimulate collagen and elastin.  Micro channels are created by the tiny needles to elicit the body’s innate healing response. The body repairs itself from this micro trauma, helping to improve the elasticity of the skin, reducing discoloration and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Only those licensed to insert needles (MDs, DOs, License Acupuncturists) into the body can perform microneedling at the depth needed to induce meaningful changes. Usually, an initial series of 6 monthly microneedling treatments is performed with twice yearly follow-ups to maintain the effects. A full evaluation is done and after exploring the options best suited to the patient’s skin concerns and constitution then a treatment plan is designed and agreed upon.  From there, treatment is either implemented that day or the patient returns soon after to begin the series of treatments. For more information about cosmetic acupuncture or microneedling, please feel free to contact Deborah Warshauer, L.Ac. by phone or by emailing to:

A: The number of treatments required for facial acupuncture to show noticeable results can vary depending on individual skin conditions and goals. Generally, patients start to see improvements after 5-10 sessions. Consistent treatments over a few weeks yield the best results.

A: Facial acupuncture is a natural and holistic approach that stimulates the body’s own healing processes. Unlike chemical treatments or invasive procedures, it enhances blood flow, improves collagen production, and promotes a healthy complexion without the risk of side effects.

A: The effects of cosmetic acupuncture can last several months, depending on lifestyle and skincare routine. Regular maintenance sessions every few months can help sustain the results longer.

A: Yes, cosmetic acupuncture is effective for addressing sagging skin and loss of elasticity. It works by stimulating collagen production and improving skin tone, leading to firmer and more elastic skin over time.

A: Absolutely. Cosmetic acupuncture targets wrinkles and fine lines by increasing blood flow and stimulating collagen and elastin production, which helps to smooth and rejuvenate the skin.

A: Yes, cosmetic acupuncture is suitable for all skin types. It is a gentle and non-invasive treatment that can benefit a wide range of skin concerns, including sensitive skin.

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